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Brando Dead at 80

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PostPosted: 07.02.2004 10:44 pm    Post subject: Brando Dead at 80 Reply with quote

Here's the news.

Of course Brando was one of the greatest actors of his generation; the last two decades of excess and bloat have not diminished the power of his contributions to the art of screen acting. I know most people associate Brando with The Godfather, A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront and Apocalypse Now, but for me the performance I could never shake was Brando's flawless, intense, perceptive interpretation of Mark Antony in the 1953 Julius Caesar.

Ironically, I re-watched his last fiction feature, The Score, just two nights ago with a friend, and commented about how I regretted how Brando allowed his talents to rest dormant for too long and too often. He exits this world prematurely; I believe he had a great performance or two left in him.

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PostPosted: 07.17.2004 4:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

80 fuckin years is not pre- anything young dude...but be that as...ect...

brutally' true reporting of Brando...suggests #2 things...he expressed

the passion of his youth (spent his seed, shot his wad...ect., ad. il.), in

his "what have you got", "I could have been...", and "Stella" roles...

the first was blasingly brilliant, not for the acting...oh my no...I believe

that Brando knew he could present an "image" on screen...and he then

did just that...was he in 'id' or 'ego', has long been the slur/debate/any-

Brando comment of the "critical media"...I would suggest that Brando

in his youth, may have tapped into something he believed was "real

acting"...but was in fact "raw, unvarnist life"...was his preformance as

'Stan' anything more or less than "every-god-damn-workin-stiff" of the

times then (the times today?)...and more to the point, did this stunningly

perfect male animal, that was Brando, take his role to heart? Yes & yes.

Here is young man (actor), who proved out in his Apollonian role even

as the Dionysian impulses there seeking outlet...and all this in his youth

Could he have been the greatest 'stage' actor of the 20th certury?

Yes! But Brado was made of stuff...not suited for the stage...and I believe

he knew that...raw, brilliant emotion...maybe at times...uncontrolable...

No my friend...Brando never got his 'best' role...Hollywood shut him out

in his prime...the ironic true's...the ever medium that should have

nuirtured this gifted actor...told him to fuck-off...and that is so sad...

and that is bad...and I think I am done 'commenting'
south valley keepin on trucker
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