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Dam Short Film Festival

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PostPosted: 02.15.2006 4:42 am    Post subject: Dam Short Film Festival Reply with quote

One of the best festivals I've ever been to, and that's something considering it's only in its second year.

I could go on and on, and, in fact, did, but the system had logged me out by the time I had written my novella, and I forgot to copy it. Nothing but the best to say.

Best of the Fest, IMO, in no particular order and not counting Robots are Blue):

Apartment 206 - 30 minutes long and engaging the entire time. Easily ranks for me among the top 10 festival shorts I've ever seen. Directed by Gregory Zymet. http://www.apartment206.com/

Rent-a-Person - The musical story of a lonely restroom attendant's rise and fall. Won Best Comedy and the Audience Award at the festival. Directed by Kurt Kuenne.

Bartholomew's Song - From San Diego, an intriguing and subtle film that illuminates the red-green-red-green vibration between cold technology and human warmth. Almost entirely devoid of dialogue, it's a simple, smart film. By Lowell Frank and Destin Cretton.

The Walking Ink - The most DIFFERENT and quotable film in the festival. It's a black-and-white technical marvel (using mostly in-camera effects) wherein a lowdown mechanic is commissioned to fix the auto of a surly Bettie Page and a permanent shadow, eats a pepper genetically engineered for space travel, and gains superhuman powers. Directed by Las Vegas' own Thomas Barndt.

I Killed Zoe Day - Directed by Powell Weaver, a dark, clever, well-written film. Two buddies attempt to piece together the disturbing events of the night before through the drunken haze of the morning after.

Better Masque - Also out of Las Vegas, written by and starring Evan Nix, directed by Roger Erik Tinch. Does a good job making the inviting and glowing Vegas lonely, and a lonely man's struggles with guilt glowing and inviting.

The Beast of Berm-tech Industries - A well-written piece by the Ronalds' Brothers of Phoenix, Arizona. Runner-up for the Audience Award.

Imaginary Friend - Claire Thomas is a heck of a cook. A student film with child actors in a mockumentary style is like the Day After Tomorrow recipe for filmic disaster, but there's absolutely no evidence of it in here. Paul, a young girl's imaginary friend, details for us the existential struggles he faces. It's hard to have a child be your voice, the adult voice, in a film and have it work. Not that people don't try. Kudos to the young talent on display here, including the filmmaker. A beautiful and brilliant film.

An Appetite for Bernard Brady - Chris Mangano's dark and dangerous tale of a lonely man finding himself... as a willing cannibal "victim." Mangano deftly wields symbolism, achieving a creepy atmosphere with little to no gore.
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