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"Run, don't walk, to the Flipside Movie Emporium!"
--Tempe Entertainment Y2K eNews

"Flipside's critics write sensible, intelligent, and gutsy reviews."

"Flipside is a great site! Mixing indie and mainstream flicks is a most important asset to the movie industry. I just wish Hollywood would follow the lead!"
--Michael Hoffman Jr., director of Scary Tales

"The writing is some of the best, most intelligent text written about movies on the net. Keep up the good work! And thank you for reviewing the low, low, low budget stuff right alongside the Hollywood stuff. Very cool!"
--Eric Stanze, writer-director of Scrapbook

"Well-designed and good, entertaining writing! Your site is an asset to film fans of all interests, with plenty of horror/sci-fi titles to satisify that demanding crowd!"
--Jim Flocker, president of Program Power Entertainment

"I have done some digging on your site and I find it quite enjoyable. Some really fun info on no-budget, shot-on-video features. Nice work! I'm a Flipside devotee for life!"
--Brad Osborne, writer-director of Hall of Mirrors

"Site of the Week!"

"Seems to cover everything from American Beauty to, uh... Bloodletting. Sigh. The reviews are in-depth and highly objective, treating even lowly stuff like my work with the same respect and insight they use to review highbrow stuff like The Beach and American Psycho."
--Matthew Walsh, writer-director of Bloodletting

"Cool film site."
--Fantagraphics Books Newsletter

"Your site is looking sharp."
--Benjamin Cooper, writer-director of The Omega Diary

"I first want to say thank you for taking the time to review Nutbag. I also want to thank you for your honest review. I enjoy and welcome criticism and I appreciate someone who has the balls to say what they really feel."
--Nick Palumbo, writer-director of Nutbag

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