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Shot-on-video (SOV) movies didn't get much attention from most movie outlets back in 2000, so I wanted to cover them alongside big Hollywood movies and arthouse fare, giving them the respect and exposure that they rarely received outside of a few ultra-niche sites, zines, and Yahoo! Groups (remember those?). Flash forward 13 or 20 years and SOV cinema is being paid homage to in well-received movies like Chris LaMartina's WNUF Halloween Special and covered in books like Analog Nightmares, Bleeding Skull!, Aesthetic Deviations, and Hand-Held Hell. Select '80s and '90s SOV titles are even being reissued on Blu-ray courtesy of Makeflix, SRS, Terror Vision, and Vinegar Syndrome partner labels like Saturn's Core and AGFA, delighting old fans and gaining new ones.

Flipside got in at the tail end of the SOV era, as standard-definition digital video had all but replaced analog formats for micro-budget indie filmmakers and high-definition video was just around the corner. But we still reviewed many '90s analog horror favorites like Tim Ritter's Creep, J.R. Bookwalter's Ozone, Eric Stanze's Savage Harvest, Ron Bonk's The Vicious Sweet, and Todd Sheets' Zombie Bloodbath trilogy. On the digital-video side, we covered Matthew Jason Walsh's brilliant black comedy Bloodletting, Brad Osborne's excellent neo-noir Hall of Mirrors, Sal Ciavarello's super-scary chiller Hardcore Poisoned Eyes, and a few erotic spoofs from Seduction Cinema (The Erotic Witch Project). Horror dominated the SOV market, but it wasn't the only genre going.

This list highlights micro-budget indies made outside the Hollywood system, usually intended for the direct-to-video market. That means you won't find any multi-million-dollar early/mid-2000s experiments with SD digital video like Spike Lee's Bamboozled, Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later, or David Lynch's Inland Empire. You won't even find low-budget shot-on-DV pseudo-indies like Open Water. These are SOV movies from the fringes.

--Michael Scrutchin (editor), 04.08.2022
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SOV Horror & Genre Movie Reviews

Addicted to Murder (1995) B- Horror
Addicted to Murder 2: Tainted Blood (1998) B Horror
Addicted to Murder 3: Bloodlust (2000) C- Horror
The Alien Agenda: Endangered Species (1997) C Sci-Fi/Horror
The Alien Agenda: Out of the Darkness (1996) B- Sci-Fi/Horror
The Alien Agenda: Under the Skin (1997) C- Sci-Fi/Horror
August Underground (2001) B+ Horror
The Bare Wench Project (2000) F Erotic/Horror/Comedy
Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires (2000) F Erotic/Horror/Comedy
Bent: Volume One (2002) B- Drama/Mystery
Blood for the Muse (2001) C+ Horror
Bloodletting (1997) A- Horror/Comedy
Catacombs (2000) C Horror
Clearwater (2003) C Horror/Thriller
Creaturealm: Demons Wake (1998) B- Horror
Creep (1995) C+ Horror
Cremains (2001) B- Horror
Don't Watch This Show! (1999) B- Comedy
The Double-D Avenger (2001) D Action/Comedy
Duck! The Carbine High Massacre (1999) B- Horror/Comedy
The Erotic Witch Project (2000) C+ Erotic/Horror/Comedy
Evil Ambitions (1996) B- Horror/Comedy
The Evilmaker (2000) B Horror
Expiration (2003) B+ Drama/Fantasy
Fade to Black (2001) C Mystery/Thriller
The Good Book (1997) C+ Sci-Fi/Horror
The Gosh Darned Mortgage (2001) B+ Comedy
Hall of Mirrors (2001) A Mystery/Thriller
Hardcore Poisoned Eyes (2000) A- Horror
The House That Screamed (2000) D- Horror
I Spit on Your Corpse, I Piss on Your Grave (2001) D Horror
Inbred Rednecks (1998) C+ Comedy
Insaniac (2002) B+ Horror
The Killing of Bobby Greene (1994) B- Crime/Thriller
The Lord of the G-Strings (2003) C+ Erotic/Comedy
Lustful Addiction (2003) B- Erotic/Drama
Maniacal (2003) D Horror
Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula (1998) D Horror/Comedy
Meat Market (2000) C Action/Horror
Mummy Raider (2002) D Erotic/Adventure
Mummy's Kiss (2003) B- Erotic/Horror/Comedy
Nutbag (2000) C- Horror
Ozone (1994) B- Action/Horror
Play-Mate of the Apes (2002) C+ Erotic/Sci-Fi/Comedy
Poetic Seduction: The Dead Students Society (1998) D- Horror
Polymorph (1996) B+ Sci-Fi/Action
Psycho Sisters (1998) B- Horror
Rage of the Werewolf (1999) C+ Horror
Raising Hell (2003) C+ Horror
Ravage (1997) B Action/Crime
Replay (2003) B- Crime/Mystery
The Sandman (1995) C+ Horror
Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre (2000) F Erotic/Horror/Comedy
Satan's School for Lust (2002) D Erotic/Horror
Savage Harvest (1995) B+ Horror
Savage Harvest 2: October Blood (2006) B Horror
Scary Tales (2001) C Horror/Comedy
Scrapbook (2000) A- Horror/Thriller
The Sexy 6th Sense (2001) D Erotic/Comedy
The Shivers (1998) C- Horror
Strawberry Estates (2000) B Horror
Suburban Nightmare (2004) B- Horror/Comedy
Them Damn Zombies (2002) D- Horror/Comedy
Townies (1999) B+ Comedy
Track 16 (2001) B Mystery/Thriller
Twisted Tales (1994) B- Horror
Twisted Tales 2 (2000) C+ Horror
The Undertow (2003) C- Horror
Vampira / Night Vamps (1998) D Erotic/Horror
Vampires and Other Stereotypes (1994) B- Horror/Comedy
Vampire's Seduction (1998) D+ Erotic/Comedy
The Vault (2001) C+ Horror
The Vicious Sweet (1997) B+ Horror
Violent New Breed (1997) B+ Horror
The Yellow Sign (2001) B+ Horror/Thriller
Zombie Bloodbath (1993) B Horror
Zombie Bloodbath 2: Rage of the Undead (1995) B- Horror
Zombie Bloodbath 3: Zombie Armageddon (2000) C+ Horror

SOV Horror & Genre Cinema Links


General (SOV Reviews, Production Companies, Distributors & More)


  • Alternative Cinema. Home to an array of trash-cinema product lines (mostly SOV) on VHS, DVD, and even Blu-ray.

  • American Genre Film Archive (AGFA). Preserving the legacy of genre movies, including lots of SOV stuff, through conservation and distribution.

  • Reviews. Reviews by Allen Richards, who cultivated one of the best micro-budget filmmaking communities ever back in the day.

  • Bleeding Skull! Connoisseurs of trash-horror, especially bonkers SOV essentials like Blonde Death and Boardinghouse.

  • Extreme Entertainment. Production company of director Todd Sheets (Zombie Bloodbath trilogy and literally dozens more).

  • Intervision Picture Corp. Severin Films sub-label focused on regional oddities and SOV classics like 1983's Sledgehammer.

  • Makeflix. Distributor of titles from J.R. Bookwalter's Tempe Video and other companies on DVD and Blu-ray (lots of essential SOV!).

  • Saturn's Core Audio & Video. Vinegar Syndrome partner label devoted to underground weirdness & shot-on-video cinema.

  • SOV Horror. Website + DVD label dedicated to preserving the history of shot-on-video horror movies. Lots to explore here.

  • SRS Cinema. Formerly known as Sub Rosa Studios, distributor of films by Tim Ritter, Polonia Bros., Eric Stanze, SRS president Ron Bonk, and more.

  • Terror Vision. Founded by Ryan Graveface (Graveface Records), this boutique label puts out obscure movie soundtracks and rad editions of oddball movies on VHS and Blu-ray (including SOV fare like Woodchipper Massacre and Captives).


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