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Launched in 2000, Flipside Movie Emporium featured reviews and commentary on new movies and DVDs. In addition to the usual Hollywood, art house, and international fare, the site also covered micro-budget indies and under-the-radar films from the fringes -- the ones completely invisible to the mainstream media.

Then it disappeared without a trace.

Until now. collects Flipside Movie Emporium's entire archive of nearly 1,000 movie reviews and articles from 2000 to 2008, exactly as they originally appeared. For better or worse, even the site design is mostly the same, aside from some slight modifications to make it a bit more mobile-friendly. The main thing different is the address because domain squatters swooped in and nabbed during a brief expiration window, then kindly asked if we would like to pay thousands of dollars to get it back. No thanks.

Anyway, called our reviews "sensible, intelligent, gutsy" and Fantagraphics said we were cool. Honest!


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Also see: Flipside's Writers: Where Are They Now?


"Good... Bad... I'm the guy with the gun."
--Ash (Bruce Campbell), Army of Darkness

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