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Addicted to Murder 3: Bloodlust   C-

Brimstone Productions

Year Released: 2000
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Directors: Kevin J. Lindenmuth, Tom Vollmann
Writers: Kevin J. Lindenmuth, Tom Vollmann
Cast: Mick McCleery, Nick Kostopoulos, Cloud Michaels, Sarah K. Lippman, Frank Lopez, Joe Zaso, Jon Sanborne, Grant Kramer, Reid Ostrowski.

Review by Michael Scrutchin

With the first two Addicted to Murder films, director Kevin Lindenmuth injected some new blood into the vampire genre and explored some interesting ideas. These films introduced serial killer-turned-vampire Joel Winter (Mick McCleery), and this third installment catches up with Joel as he's become something a vampire hunter. How's that for irony?

This movie also checks up on two vampire ladies introduced in Addicted to Murder 2: Tainted Blood. Tricia (Sarah K. Lippman), who's still navigating the New York City dating scene, and Karen (Cloud Michaels), who is having man problems of her own. But after a particularly uninspired first half hour, Addicted to Murder 3: Bloodlust switches gears and takes us inside a prison where a convicted murderer (Nick Kostopoulos) is thrown into a cell with a hulking bloodsucker named Santana (Frank Lopez).

Just too bad this one didn't hold my interest like the first two films in the series. I liked the sarcastic sense of humor that fueled Addicted to Murder 2, but it's sorely missing from this outing. I guess I shouldn't expect this one to have the same tone as its predecessor, since Lindenmuth has already shown us that he wants each film to be a bit different -- rather than going through the motions and cranking out sequels that just recycle the original material.

But that's one of the problems here: Addicted to Murder 3 doesn't feel like it has anything new to offer. Sure, the vampire-in-prison scenario is kinda cool, but we're treated to all the usual prison movie clichés and nothing seems the least bit surprising this time around. But on a positive note, Frank Lopez (who plays the vampire Santana) does have a compelling screen presence and adds some much-needed intensity to the proceedings.

The shot-on-video quality seems a little worse this time around as well, with flesh tones too red and orange. It's not too easy on the eyes. Still, co-directors Lindenmuth and Tom Vollmann make the most of their admittedly cheap production values and they still have plenty of ambition to burn. One only hopes that the next Addicted to Murder installment (if there is one) is better than this disappointing sequel.

Review published 06.30.2000.

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