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The Erotic Witch Project   C+

Seduction Cinema

Year Released: 2000
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: John Bacchus
Writers: John Bacchus, Michael Beckerman, Joe Ned, Clancy Fitzsimmons
Cast: Katie Keane, Darian Caine, Victoria Vega.

Review by Michael Scrutchin

It was inevitable that we'd see numerous imitators and parodies in the aftermath of The Blair Witch Project, but how were we to know that one of the first out of the gates would be so close to hardcore lesbian porn? The Erotic Witch Project's setup is roughly the same as its inspiration. Katie Keane (taking on the Heather Donahue role as the obsessed documentarian) and her friends Darian Caine and Victoria Vega decide to hike into the woods, armed with two camcorders, to shoot a documentary about a local legend called the Erotic Witch. Before their steamy adventures begin, they interview some townsfolk and we learn that the Erotic Witch has the uncanny power to make people extremely horny.

Once the girls are in the woods, the movie is a nonstop charade of nudity and lesbian sex. Yes, this title from Seduction Cinema (the erotic division of ei Independent Cinema) delivers what it promises. The lesbian action is more explicit than the softcore romps on late-night cable, stopping just short of hardcore. (This review pertains to the unrated version widely available on video and DVD, not the edited R-rated version available in some markets.) While the sex scenes are often erotic, the lighting can be a bit harsh and occasionally the girls don't appear to be truly enjoying themselves. For instance, whenever the girls start to kiss, one of them pulls away -- to explore a more private region of her partner's body.

While the lesbian sex is often pretty hot, director John Bacchus is less successful in making a funny spoof of The Blair Witch Project. Instead of the girls finding piles of rocks outside their tent the morning after a passionate lesbian encounter, they find dildos and porn magazines. Instead of weird stick figures in the trees, there's a blowup doll. And, of course, someone steals their clothes in the middle of the night, so by the end they're all walking around the woods completely naked.

One scene in which the parody actually works is the one that spoofs Heather's whispered confession to the video camera. "I'm so scared," Katie says, "and I'm so horny at the same time." The framing is right and Katie does a good job with her speech; then she starts fondling her breasts. If only the rest of the movie had been so inspired.

Review published 02.11.2000.

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