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Gauti Fridriksson

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Gauti Fridriksson | film critic

Gauti is a cinema enthusiast and budding actor from Reykjavik, Iceland, with no degrees in anything whatsoever. His days are spent in his cozy little igloo where he whiles away the hours trying to attain the lofty goal of seeing every movie ever made (yes, he's that young). He works part-time at a wonderful little video store and keeps a day job at a telecom company in order to finance his DVD addiction. He's a fervent worshiper of Paul Thomas Anderson, hates Jim Jarmusch with a passion, and uses lots of big words that he can barely understand himself. Drop him a line. Just don't mention how much you loved Ghost Dog.

Disclaimer: This bio is incredibly out of date.

Gauti is now a freelance writer, still living in beautiful Iceland.


Contact Gauti:

email [email protected]


Visit Gauti Fridriksson's review archive here or at Rotten Tomatoes.

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