Saturn Will Not Sleep - Discovery (Official Video)

The House That Screamed

Transcription of Text from the Film

* * *

By the turn of the century, the year 2000, most of lifes mysteries will have been answered or solved.

All but one.

The question... Is there life after death? What becomes of one's soul after passing on? Do we reach a higher plateau of existence, or do we roam the earth for an eternity watching the lives of others pass before us?

We may never know.

One thing is certain, however, sometimes, restless souls stay on. They don't pass to the other world. Their supernatural existence is a cruel, terrifying game. Their sole purpose; To attack that which they do not possess... LIFE.

They are called by many names... Phantoms, Ghosts, Specters, Ghouls, Spirits, or even Apparitions. Innocent people are preyed upon by these unseen forces causing them to flee, faint, be driven mad, or even commit horrendous acts upon others or themselves.

"Hauntings", as they are called, can occur anywhere or anyplace. They can last from a few days or weeks, to decades or even centuries. So-called "Haunted Houses" can be found almost anywhere. In your town, on your street. You could even be living in one right now.

Looks can be deceiving...

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