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Mummy's Kiss   B-

Seduction Cinema

Year Released: 2003
MPAA Rating: R / Unrated
Director: Donald F. Glut
Writer: Donald F. Glut
Cast: Sasha Peralta, Ava Niche, Aysia Lee, Katie Lohman, George Thomas, Richard Lynch.

Review by Michael Scrutchin

Seduction Cinema releases more softcore lesbian sex fests disguised as Hollywood movie parodies than one can keep track of, but the humor is usually more painfully juvenile than funny and the sex often has that just-going-through-the-motions vibe that rarely generates any real eroticism. I guess that's why I was pleasantly surprised by Mummy's Kiss. Here's a Seduction Cinema movie that's an enjoyably campy throwback to the mummy horror films of the '30s and '40s that actually has a story that just happens to be punctuated by good-natured gobs of nudity and a few surprisingly sensual lesbian love scenes. Yeah, I was stunned.

In the movie, the mummified remains of 3,000-year-old Egyptian sorceress Hor-Shep-Sut spring to life after a bumbling university security guard removes her gold death mask. Bye-bye, security guard. Hor-Shep-Sut (Ava Niche) takes on human form and begins her diabolical plans to reclaim her long lost love, who has been reincarnated as beautiful archaeology student Ana (Sasha Peralta). Of course, Ana's university professor fiancé (George Thomas) and her archaeologist uncle (Richard Lynch) eventually catch on and must race against the clock to save Ana during the ritualistic ceremony that serves as the climax.

While the lesbian sex scenes aren't as plentiful as usual for a Seduction Cinema release, the few here are fairly sensual, even if the building eroticism is often cut short. Then again, the nudity from a wide array of good-looking actresses is pretty constant and the film often succeeds in a screwball sex comedy kinda way. Watching George Thomas channeling Cary Grant as a flustered young professor fending off female students eager to disrobe for a good grade is pure guilty-pleasure fun. The cast seems to be having a good time and their easygoing charms help keep the movie afloat even when it gets bogged down in dull exposition. Aside from a needlessly graphic flashback to Hor-Shep-Sut's death, it's a likable and amusing trifle that, at 90 minutes, doesn't outstay its welcome.

The DVD includes a commentary track with writer-director Donald F. Glut (Dinosaur Valley Girls), a bloopers reel, behind-the-scenes footage, a Seduction Cinema trailer vault, and extended footage of former Playboy Playmate Katie Lohman's topless opening-credits dance. Even with the rampant nudity, Mummy's Kiss doesn't feel as sleazy as most of Seduction's releases. Instead of a series of lesbian scenes strung along by a half-assed plot, it's a cheesy B-movie with a few lesbian scenes thrown in. As a completely forgettable bad movie, it's not half-bad.

Review published 02.04.2003.

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