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Poetic Seduction: The Dead Students Society   D-

ei Independent Cinema

Year Released: 1998
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Pete Jacelone
Cast: Roxanne Michaels, Joseph Anthony, Tina Krause, Andy English, Misty Mundae.

Review by Michael Scrutchin

Siblings Nikko and Nora (Joseph Anthony and Roxanne Michaels) were traumatized as children, so now they stake out college campuses seducing students into their Poetry Club. Ah, but here's the kicker: Nikko and Nora actually have murder rather than poetry on their minds. Sitting through Poetic Seduction: The Dead Students Society is possible, but 90 minutes is quite an endurance test. If the characters had been more than bad actors saying their stupid lines or if there had been some twist or originality in the one-note plot, it might have been tolerable. But no. Poetic Seduction is a tiresome exercise in sadistic murders and sleazy T&A -- with at least two female shower scenes that have no relevance to anything else in the movie whatsoever. Director Pete Jacelone (Psycho Sisters) never strives for any depth or emotion, well aware that this is nothing more than a lame, perverted bloodbath with bad acting and idiotic dialogue. The music (ripped off from Friday the 13th) is effective, though, and the ending has a certain twisted satisfaction. Tina Krause, as one of the college chicks, is a hottie, but she's given little screen time -- which, of course, consists mainly of her being naked. Unfortunately, that doesn't even being to make Poetic Seduction worth sitting through.

Review published 02.04.2000.

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