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Vampire's Seduction   D+

Seduction Cinema

Year Released: 1998
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: John Bacchus
Cast: Tina Krause, Kiki Michaels, John Paul Fedele, Debbie Rochon, Paige Turner.

Review by Michael Scrutchin

Micro-budget B-movie scream queen Tina Krause stars in Vampire's Seduction as Dracula's voluptuous lesbian-craving daughter. She appears every so often (topless, thank God) to tell our hero Wally Van Helsing (the great-great grandson of legendary vampire slayer Dr. Van Helsing) to bring her "lesbians, lesbians, get me lesbians." It's just an excuse to have Van Helsing spy on girls, resulting in a few nude scenes. Well, make that topless scenes because none of the actresses take their panties off. Even the chick in the shower had panties on!

There's a lot of girl-girl kissing, including a three-way session that does generate some heat. It may pass as decent if you're looking for non-explicit wanna-be softcore porn, but even as a B-movie Vampire's Seduction is strictly amateur night. It doesn't even quite succeed as a so-bad-it's-good outing because the filmmakers are obviously aware of how stupid a movie they've made. And, well, the joke is on us.

And it's only 55 minutes long! You might be thinking rip-off, but I was wishing for it to end long before the time was up. The video does have about 10 minutes of bloopers and outtakes at the end, and they're more amusing than the movie itself.

If the movie has one redeeming value, it's John Paul Fedele's amusing portrayal of Wally Van Helsing. He captures his dorky, pathetic character with a comic precision that could serve something better than this trash. To be fair, this movie also has a topless Tina Krause baring fangs and begging for lesbians, which is never a bad thing. But in the end, Vampire's Seduction is little more than a tease.

Review published 02.04.2000.

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