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Play-Mate of the Apes   C+

Seduction Cinema

Year Released: 2002
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: John Bacchus
Writer: Zachary Winston Snygg
Cast: Misty Mundae, Darian Caine, Anoushka, Debbie Rochon, Shelby Taylor, Sharon Engert, Dan Schwab, Zachary Winston Snygg.

Review by Michael Scrutchin

Play-Mate of the Apes is a ridiculous naughty spoof that may please fans of Seduction Cinema's previous offerings like The Erotic Witch Project and Gladiator Eroticus. It ranks -- along with Erotic Witch -- as one of the best Seduction releases I've seen, but that isn't saying much. Those who dig juvenile comedy and run-of-the-mill simulated lesbian sex might find this an entertaining and somewhat erotic diversion. Misty Mundae (last seen in Mummy Raider) plays a lesbian space traveler in the distant future. In the throes of ecstasy, her bimbo shipmates (Anoushka and Sharon Engert) send their ship crashing down to a planet inhabited by men in ape suits. Before you know it the girls are getting naked again, but their lesbian desires are thwarted when they're captured by power-hungry apes that plan to enslave all humans on the planet. But friendly ape Dr. Cornholeus (Debbie Rochon) comes to the aid of the lesbians and helps them plan an escape. There's an abundance of goofy musical numbers, including an insanely bad rap song in which Mundae proves she's just white girl with no rhythm, and there's many lengthy lesbian sex scenes peppering the lowbrow comedy antics. I shamefully admit I laughed more than I thought I would. For a cheesy erotic spoof, it isn't bad. Besides, you gotta love them apes.

Review published 05.01.2002.

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