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The Sexy 6th Sense   D

Seduction Cinema

Year Released: 2001
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: Terry M. West
Writers: Terry M. West, Josh Robinson
Cast: Barbara Joyce, Darian Caine, Josh Robinson, Esmerelda DeLarocca, Jade DuBoir, Dennis Stefura, Terry M. West.

Review by Michael Scrutchin

"I'm ready to tell you my secret now," says Frances (Josh Robinson), an unbelievably nerdy guy cowering under the covers as his beautiful psychiatrist (Barbara Joyce) listens sympathetically. Then comes his shocking revelation: "I see dead strippers."

That's the funniest thing about this one-joke erotic spoof of The Sixth Sense, which is neither as funny nor as sexy as it wants to be. To be honest, it doesn't even seem like it's trying very hard. At least Seduction Cinema's The Erotic Witch Project had a few clever gags and lesbian scenes that were more erotic than the ones in this flick. My reaction to The Erotic Witch Project wasn't great, but it's an erotic masterpiece compared to this silly tease.

In fact, watching The Sexy 6th Sense made me realize that Seduction Cinema's Vampire's Seduction deserved a higher rating than I had initially given it, since it was a bit more erotic and the comedy a trifle more effective than it is here. Of course, Vampire's Seduction had John Paul Fedele, who has quite a knack for dumb comedy and playing the goofy nerd type. The Sexy 6th Sense, however, has Josh Robinson in the goofy nerd role and lemme tell you, he's no John Paul Fedele.

But we don't care about the comedy, you say. We're not watching a movie like this for the humor, we're getting it for the babes and lesbian scenes, dude. Okay, fair enough. This movie has a decent cast of babes, including Barbara Joyce, Darian Caine, Esmerelda DeLarocca, Natalia Ashe, and Jade DuBoir. I liked Esmerelda DeLarocca the best, but wish there had been more of her.

What about the lesbian scenes, bro?

Glad you asked. They're pretty weak. There's a long scene where the four dead strippers (Caine, DeLarocca, Ashe, and DuBoir) materialize on a bed one at a time, writhe around, take off their tops, fondle their boobs, eventually start touching each other, and so it goes. It's all bullshit posturing. There's not a second that it looks like these girls are really into each other or are the least bit aroused. At times, you can see the girls looking off-camera and taking direction. And all the while, bad heavy metal blares on the soundtrack. Frances, the guy who sees dead strippers, just watches the girls, sticking out his tongue and pointing every once in awhile in his extreme excitement. Oh, joy.

There's a scene with Jade DuBoir and Natalia Ashe getting freaky with some whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and a banana. Not much to write home about, although I liked the girl-on-girl scene with Darian Caine and Esmerelda DeLarocca a little more, but it ends right when it's getting hot. Jesus, man, quit teasing us like that.

The movie is directed by Terry M. West, who also helmed an indie horror flick called Blood for the Muse that's been getting some positive buzz. Perhaps he is a talented filmmaker, but I wouldn't know it from seeing The Sexy 6th Sense. It's a tragic misfire and surprisingly boring, offering very little in the way of laughs or titillation. And what was the point of the stupid toilet humor episode with Bibo the Clown (played by director Terry M. West) that has nothing to do with anything else in the movie?

The Collector's Edition DVD includes a topless interview with star Barbara Joyce that's pretty funny (did I mention she's topless?), a behind-the-scenes reel with bloopers and outtakes, and a trailer vault with other Seduction Cinema and E.I. Cinema titles. It's a nice little package, I guess, but it doesn't make the movie any better. If breasts are what you want, this movie has them in abundance, but that's about it.

To end on a positive note, I did like the exchange between Frances and his shrink after he reveals to her that he sees dead strippers. She asks, "And you want me to help you get rid of them?" His reply: "What are you crazy? I want you to tell me how I can make 'em do stuff."

Review published 10.01.2001.

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